(collaboration with Samantha Calvetti)

The fight-o-meter is a companion instrument of the craftsman. Both instrument use capactive touch, enable through patchable clamps, to turn a variety of conductive surfaces and objects in to synthesizer interfaces. The fight-o-meter was specifically designed by Sam Calvetti to transform plants into phytometric instruments. Check out the video to the right for a demonstration of the fight-o-meter and below for a duet Sam and I did at the mortuary. For a video of our duet of the craftsman and the fight-o-meter check out the page for the craftsman.

“duet for the fight-o-meter and the” is a new composition created for the “the” and the fight-o-meter. The fight-o-meter is a phytometric synthesizer that transforms plants into interfaces for synthesis and sample manipulation.

Performed at Little Death #2 at the Mortuary on October 28, 2018

Sam Calvetti (Fight-o-meter)

Tom Sturm (The)