"Four Meditations On The Stars"

for two percussionists and electronics

I originally composed this piece for Brandon Bell's DMA Percussion Recital in the James Turrell Skyspace 'Twilight Epiphany'. The percussion set up is comprised of my homemade take on Xenakis' Sixxen, Thunder Sheet, and four triangles. The electronic accompaniment was generated using Spear and MAX/MSP. My inspiration for this piece came from two different sources. First, from my experiments with creating complex microtonal instruments. Second, from my preoccupation with the cosmos. During one of my many star-gazing experiences I decided to re-imagine the stars and constellations in the night sky as being note heads on a cosmological piece of staff paper.

Performed in the Rice University Gallery Space on 4/19/2014.
Performers: Brandon Bell and Dino Georgeton