Hicks Sturm Tofighi
8:00 PM20:00

Hicks Sturm Tofighi

An evening of performances on custom made electronic and acoustic instruments, featuring Wesley Hicks, Thomas Sturm, and Alan Tofighi.

Thomas Sturm performing on the "The"
Wesley Hicks performing on the interference flute and poorly behaved tubes
Alan Tofighi performing on the Galvanic Control Set/SIM Processor

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SOLO DOLO 7 @ Highways Performance Space
8:30 PM20:30

SOLO DOLO 7 @ Highways Performance Space

Ethan Marks will be premiering my newest composition, "Haydn's Concerto for Trumpet" for Trumpet and Computer on September 1st and 2nd at Highways Performance Space as a part of their Solo Dolo series. The show also features artists Barry Brannum, Alex Floyd, Lulu Obermayer, Sculptural Sound Ensemble – featuring Roksana Zeinapur, and Pallavi Sriram, in collaboration with Sid Sriram.

Tickets and more information: https://highwaysperformance.org/event/solo-dolo-7/2017-09-01/

Some more information on the piece:

Ethan Marks performs Thomas Sturm’s “Haydn’s Concerto for Trumpet,” a  “Haydn’s Concerto for Trumpet” is a performance-art work for solo trumpet and computer that explores the materialization of sound and its treatment as a plastic medium. Marks becomes phonograph as a speaker attached to the bell of his trumpet sends historic recordings of the instrument into his mouth, which he then manipulates with subtle (and not so subtle) changes in mouth shape and valve positions. The recordings are a plundered collage of trumpet repertoire, pieces of music significant to Marks’s relationship with the trumpet and his musical development.

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8:00 PM20:00

Jesse Collins Presents... @ the wulf

A night of works by Erin Demastis, Samantha Calvetti, Thomas Sturm, Joshua Wasterman and Jesse Colins

Jesse Kenas Collins

Solo performance for accordion reeds and computer fans with feedback system and prepared loose speakers.

Erin Demastis

Microphone 2: A expansion of a previous piece entitled Microphone 1 which involved a microphone app on the iPhone 6 that feeds back when opened and multiple jars of varying sizes. Microphone 2 will also involve iPhones and jars in addition to found objects and tools that are amplified with contact mics, and a trio of slinkies attached to PVC that are amplified with dynamic mics.

Thomas Sturm & Samantha Calvetti

“A Session with the Phonetiphone” is a musical game for the “Phonetiphone,” an electronic instrument that uses the performer’s mouth as a resonator. It was invented by Samantha Calvetti and Thomas Sturm. To be performed as a quartet by Jesse, Erin, Joshua and Thomas. 

Joshua Wasterman

Presenting "No Area", a performance environment sustaining instrument or voice, electric megaphone, FM transmitter and radios

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