Album announcement: Music for The

After working on it for around six months, I’m am excited to finally announce “Music for The,” an album of pieces created for my instrument The. It has been a long process and I have a lot of wonderful people who’s love, guidance, and advice was instrumental in writing and recording this album. First and foremost Sam Calvetti, who’s own visual work in collage deeply and profoundly inspired these pieces, and who’s support and contributions are largely responsible for making this project possible. Also special thanks to Parch Es, Erin Demastes, Ulrich Krieger, and Tim and Henry Sturm. I’m going to release the album on October 11th. In the meantime please enjoy the first single “Marfa Spaceship - for Sam” and keep a look out for a music video I’ve been working on. More information here. Also check out the music video for “Marfa Spaceship - for sam” below!