The Calo Research Initiative

The CALO Research Initiative is a collective exploring the implications of involving AI performers in performance and improvisation. Drawing from pataphysics and speculative fiction, their research covers subjects such as the nature of machine voices, the intersection between technological and biological bodies, wearable technology, and the relationship between human and robot minds.


This project takes two forms:

"The CALO Research Initiative presents...": a free composition for Ethan Marks and CALO, an AI software synthesizer.

"CALO, Cybernetic Improvisation": a series of improvisations for human and AI performers. In this performance, the performers use a graphic score made up of the images collected by multiple old space telescopes. Performers that have collaborated with CALO include, Ulrich Krieger, Marta Tiesenga, Orr Sinay, Ethan Marks, Miller Wren, Ryan Gaston, and Tim Tsang.


Other Versions: